As member of an expert team delivering an appraisal of the German Toll System.

In order to assess the functionality of the German satellite based Toll System an expert team under the leadership of a publicly certified expert performed a technical appraisal of the complex system.

This main appraisal and a number of additional appraisals were the basis of the decision of the responsible German Ministry of Traffic to allow the start of the toll collect system for 01.01.2006.

Roadshow for the marketing of a WLAN HotSpot service for flight passengers

Concept and implementation of a roadshow for the marketing of a new system for satellite-based inflight WLAN applications (e.g. HotSpot Service) on behalf of a consortium consisting of a large German telecommunications provider, a British aircraft equipment manufacturer and an American provider for satellite communication systems. The system was a replacement for the "Connectivity by Boeing" (CBB) offer on long-haul aircraft, which was unsuccessful due to excessive costs and should therefore be discontinued.
The leading airlines in Europe, the Gulf States, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan should be won over to this new system approach. The technology presented at the time has now largely been introduced worldwide.

Assessment audits of troubled projects

Stocktaking of projects at risk was carried out with tailor-made expert teams. After identifying the causes or weaknesses of the project ("How bad is it really?"), a promising new approach was developed.

Frequently, a neutral external monitoring was then set up by the us, which ensured transparency with regard to the responsible management and, if desired, also with the customer for the further course of the project with regular, independent reports.


General project management of construction and start of the european wide largest biogas plant for direct injection into the gas grid

General project management of construction and start of the european wide largest biogas plant (2008) for direct injection into the gas grid

Project management of the construction and the biological and technical startup of a 10MW biogas plant for direct injection into the gas grid as part of the managerial support for a startup of a large German utility company:

  • Coordination of the contract negotiations
  • Control of the prime contractor
  • Control of the biological and technical start of operation
  • Control of the budget

General project management for generating a competitive quotation and then delivering of a dark fibre network (8000 km)

​​​​Management of a project to generate a quotation to deliver a German wide Dark Fibre Network to a global GSM Provider:

  • Length of the Network 8000 km, of which 160 km had to be newly built (at about 100 different construction sites)
  • Integration of 30 local City Carriers and regional Carriers
  • Managing commercial and technical staff to deliver a competitive offer on the basis of the technical specifications of the customer

After receiving the order management of a project team (headcount 20, mostly shared resources) to deliver the network:

  • Management of the contractual negotiations with the local Carriers
  • Management of all activities to deliver the individual parts of the dark fibre network following a very ambitious and stringent time schedule
  • Control of delivery schedules and performance of city and regional carriers
  • Full budget responsibility
  • Frequent standardized external reporting to customer
  • Periodical internal reporting (budget and performance) to executive directors

The project was finished fully compliant with the contract.


General project management of construction and handover of a high bit rate DWDM optical fibre backbone networks (3.600 km)

​​​​General Project Management of the construction of a nation wide high bit rate DWDM optical fibre backbone network as part of a pan-European net.

  • Project management of duct construction activities and sub-contractors (3600km)
  • Project management of cable installation activities
  • Project management of infrastructure build activities like:
    • Construction of regenerator sites
    • Construction of node sites (PoP)
  • Supervision and control of systems suppliers during soak tests, war gaming and handover procedures

Start-up business

Management of a Start-up company (as CEO) with nationwide activities as broadband DSL provider for small and medium enterprises (SME)

Growth from 0 to about 85 employees within 6 months and moving company to Düsseldorf.
Start of all major company functions like:

  • Establishing an effective HR - department
  • Setup of a Finance and Admin. department
  • Setup of Marketing and Sales department
  • Establishing the required IT infrastructure
  • Setup of Operations Division with powerful Project Management department
  • Setup of Service and Installations division

Post merger integration and restructuring

Full integration of all activities of a middle sized company into the mother company as a consequence of an acquisition within a very short period. Main objective was to keep the continuity of the business while terminating most of the employees and closing of the company: 

  • Successful negotiation of early termination of mid- and long term contracts
  • Successful negotiation of difficult personnel situations without court procedures
  • Definition and implementation of necessary training measures to enable know-how transfer
  • Closing and transfer of all accounts

Turn around management

Turn around of a large (2 billion DM turnover) publicly listed company and reducing losses of 200 million DM to break even within one year.

Main achievements:

  • Restructuring the company and reduction of employees by 25%
  • Closing of loss making production factories on the basis of a frame contract negotiated with the union and the workers committee and thus increasing the load of the remaining factories to enable 24/365 production
  • Reduction of material cost by negotiating better price conditions with the main suppliers
  • Increase of market share by re-focussing the sales force and regaining the confidence of the key accounts 

Business Planing and Budgeting

  • Generation and implementation of business plans
  • Definition and implementation of process oriented organizational structures
  • Optimising organization and workflow structures with full integration of employees in the decision making process 
  • Evaluation of outsourcing alternatives 
  • Definition and implementation of M&E strategies 

Generation Change

For Example for a mid sized family owned producing company:

  • Compilation of different scenarios for a generation change in the management
  • Find a balance with the strategic vision of the entrepreneur
  • Providing a recommendation and a guideline how to proceed